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About Camyda

Mother and daughter, Ana Maria and Annabel, inspired by a desire to interweave cultures and emotions, created Camyda. Camyda Creations has given these Venezuelan natives an opportunity to create accessories inspired by textures, colors, and designs, from a vibrant indigenous vision and today's sensitive woman. Each piece is created overflowing with details and inspiration, with the purpose that when completed, it shines as a unique, unrepeatable piece.

As an offering, we dedicate our hands, the time invested in the elaboration of each creation, and above all, the wonderful feeling that we experience when clients enjoy the work with delight and distinction.

We have prepared a wide variety of necklaces of different sizes, shapes, colors and individual details that embrace the diversity of tastes and preferences according to the styles of each woman. Likewise, we are delighted to offer an opportunity to please clients in having a unique piece created upon request. This allows you to choose what you want to obtain, according to individual preferences and special details.

Ana Maria and Annabel have faith that Camyda Creations necklaces are just the beginning of other additional creative opportunities in the future.